Freitag, 1. Juni 2007

Concept Landart all over Cyprus Island by Artist Barbara Streiff

Natural Art Installation in Avagas Gorge - Labyrinth Chrissoriatissa Monastery - Panaya - Sinti Monastery, Pentalya Paphos Area Cyprus Island

A communicative art action will take place in the wild natural region of Avagas Gorge in Cyprus: "Land Art Walk in Communication with Nature, Place and Visitors“ Patronage of UNESCO Switzerland.
This action is inspired by Aion Primal Geometry - 10 symbols found in nature - which joins all religions and cultures over time. Barbara Streiff, an artist involved with AKAMAS, is the curator. Each year she lives and works in the Paphos area of Cyprus as an international artist. She has created worldwide exhibitions and installations with her Aion pictures and sculptures.

Everyone - artists, adults and children, tourist groups, and schools are invited to be creative and celebrate nature with the Swiss artists Barbara Streiff and Bruno Kaelin.

The concept behind is, to save and celebrate nature through creative acts. We will build symbols from primal geometry using natural elements and materials: stones, earth, water, and fire. For example, we might build a cross with wood, a spiral with stones, an artwork circle with fire, or a line with water. We only work with local materials from nature and with the natural energy from the Earth.

Individual workshops with the artist and art teacher Barbara Streiff from the international art school Alpswissart are recognized and accepted by the Kunst-Hochschule Zürich and UNESCO Switzerland. Project info:
Exhibition with sculptures and pictures inspired by nature, Heidi van Sprundel in the Sinti Monastery by Christa Bull Architect – Interior.
By Alpswissart: Bruno Kaelin & Barbara Streiff

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