Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Natural Art Installation in Homage to Nature all over the World

Hallo from the Swiss Alps!

You are invited to take part in a world project under the Patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO: Natural Art Installations around the world will represent the communication that occurs between nature, local places and you, the visitors. In canyons and gorges, on islands like Cyprus, near the Amazon River in South America, on the West Coast of the USA, up in the Swiss Alps, in the Himalayas, across the African desert, on the steppes of Russia - wherever artists live or want to go in nature to build art with materials from the Earth - all artists and children from 7 to 77+ are invited to celebrate nature through their own spontaneous creativity.

This action is inspired by Aion primal geometry - 10 symbols found in nature - which joins all cultures and religions throughout history and time. We will build symbols from primal geometry using natural elements and materials: stones, earth, water and fire. The symbols include the following: point, circle, parallelogram, cross, spiral, line, triangle, square, lightening bolt, and three points or stars for the cosmos. For example, we might build a cross with wood, a spiral with stones, a circle with fire, or a line with water. We work only with local materials found in nature and with the natural energy of the place. The concept behind the artwork is to save and celebrate nature through our creative acts.

Barbara Streiff is the artist and curator behind this project. She has created exhibitions and installations with Aion pictures and sculptures in many parts of the world already. She invites you to be part of this continuing communicative art action by building installations with the primal symbols wherever you are in the world.

The installations should take place in nature, and photos of the artwork created around the world will be presented on the Website www,

Please send a photo of your natural art installation by e-mail to: with your name, place, date and your comments. And send this e-mail invitation to all your friends!

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